Progress Even When There’s Difficulties

Just attempt to put a vision to work and watch how much resistance comes. The whole crab mentality theory is real. Any person trying to achieve anything at all will find that there’s some who refuse to accept the elevation. Some are more in tuned with trying to hold others back then to try and produce success themselves. So they’ll try to make it difficult for others. The key is to “remain hopeful” and continue going. Some will try to discourage others to stop progressing in some way. Not wanting others to advance. 

They’ll try to find any reason to kick a person to the ground. That’s right. They’ll tell lies in order to discourage, to prevent, to dismantle whatever it is one is attempting to do. Some are so envious of others. We’re all given a choice to live our lives the way we see fit. To make “decisions” and to discover. Even when others try to make life more difficult. There should be no reason to stop. No reason to feel as if there’s no way success can occur. 

The ones who are trying to make it difficult for others aren’t very happy people. Some become so discouraged by the actions of others and they’ll just give up. Yes, they’re trying to irritate the person or persons, to create frustrations. They’ll invade in every aspect of a person’s life. No matter what they’re trying to do. No person should stop living their dreams or seeing to their vision. So unfortunate that so many are so hateful but that’s just what happens when “coming into” the world. 

The mentality of some should not be a reason to not go further. Their efforts should be meaningless. The attacks should be inspirational. If the person or persons weren’t accomplishing something then the individuals wouldn’t bother. “Put on a smile and just proceed.” No matter what’s said or done. Some may think they’re competing but they’re actually creating more work for themselves. The pay for hating is unknown. 

It appears as if there must be some checks issued for haters. They’re helpful because they’ll let individuals know they’re on the right track. Some try to irritate others in “hopes” the individuals will become so frustrated that they’ll stop trying to advance. There’s no way any person is going to avoid difficult individuals. There’s always a solution. Some may want to intervene because they’re aware of a person’s potential. 

For some it’s the thought of individuals going beyond what they’ve accomplished which causing some to become so irritated. Never dismayed by the mentality of others. If they’re continuously trying to get others down then they’re dealing some demons. The persons who are trying to “excel” should continue doing whatever it takes to do so. Not be concerned about what they’re doing. Not everyone has the right frame of mind. 

“There’s a Reason Behind the Attacks. Proceed Anyway. rise up!” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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