Promote Your Writing Brand With Social Media

In the modern world, having a social presence for your writing brand is not limited to traditional media. The online world sees millions of real customers every single hour. In June 2009, Twitter saw over 20 million unique visitors.


Promote Your Writing Brand With Social Media

Promote Your Writing Brand With Social Media


If your writing business does not have a presence on Twitter, you are losing out on a valuable opportunity to interact with your customers and establish your brand firmly as the brand they want to associate with.

Many people aim to focus on a particular niche with their writing business. This has both benefits and disadvantages. For those who make the step to exclude certain niches, it can result in a drop in income. However, this may not necessarily always be the outcome. You will have to ensure that potential clients see you as a specialist.

That is really not too difficult. Many people tend to gravitate towards those they perceive as specializing in certain niche. If you focus tweets on men’s health or another area in which you are comfortable, you are likely to see profits go up eventually as a result. Even if initially you experience a drop when you stop writing in certain niches, in the long term you often benefit from being a specialist in particular area.

Twitter, FaceBook and other social media are popular among customers in every demographic. Many writing businesses-both large and small- have successfully used Twitter and Facebook to build their business, and attract new clients.

Currently, some businesses are even using a Facebook page in lieu of a business website. Customers are sent to the business’ FaceBook page, instead of a business website. The experience, for the customer, is more interactive. It saves businesses money, since instead of paying for website hosting, they can simply use their FaceBook page to share information about the business.

A large percentage of writing businesses presently use social media as an integral part of their media plan in order to attract and retain customers offline and online. Newspapers and radio are not enough. For many customers now, the internet is an important source of information.

For some people, the internet and news they receive through Twitter and other social media is more important and trusted than news from radio and newspapers. Promoting your business using social media costs less and will help you reach a very large audience.

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