The Protection From The Living God is Promised

There’s protection from the evilness of the world. No one has to battle alone. We’re supplied the “Full Armor of God.” It’s certainly needed in these troubling times. Unfortunately we’ll come across attacks and trying to handle the attacks in the flesh sense won’t do. That’s why it’s important that we put on the protection so that we’ll be able to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. We’re not fighting against flesh but the spirits of darkness, evilness, and wickedness. 

God promised His children that He will provide and we simply have to believe in His words. No matter ho many attacks arise. We’re able to overcome anything in the world. Although there will be many challenges, no amount of challenges should create despair, through “faith” we’re able to make it through. The world is filled with all sorts of dysfunctions and sometimes we’ll need to go in prayer in order to regain strength. Reading the word helps get through all of the unfortunate experiences. 

Having faith is important. It takes faith in order to deal with a lot of the stresses which can take a toll. Going off or just finding a place to give time to the Lord helps. We simply don’t have to be burden down. Man can not provide what God can provide. His will be done. No matter how bad things seem. We’re never s burdened in which we’re unable to bare. He will never place too much on His children. However some may feel as if they’re unable to deal mentally. That’s why it’s important to pray for the mind. 

There’s no situation which is hopeless. Praying and meditating will lead “the people” and all people in the right direction. All the challenges in the world aren’t too much for God to take up. He’ll never forsake and it doesn’t matter what we’ve done. If we want the protection then He will provide the protection. Placing the “Full Armor of God on” is necessary to battle against wickedness. 

Times will get tougher but even in tough times there’s a way to make it through. Just a few scriptures can make a day brighter. We’ll come across many challenges. There will b ea lot of people who will try to create havoc for God’s people. We must go into prayer. There’s no winning without the Love of God. His love never leaves. He sent His only son to die for our sins and that’s proof that He loves his children so. 

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God Will Provide the Protection

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