Pruning the Acacia Tree



Pruning the Acacia Tree

At the end of my driveway there is a Catclaw Acacia tree which seems to serve as an informal, although unnecessary, divider separating the driveway from the road. The tree is really very pretty in the spring when the leaves begin to form, they are a bright green as opposed to the duller greens of desert cacti. Then when the weather gets even warmer, yellow fluffy tufts sprout up all over the tree and these tufts have a lovely flowery aroma that isn’t usually found in the desert.

Occasionally I take a hedge clipper and clip off wayward branches in an effort to maintain the rounded bushy shape of the tree and to prevent scratches to my car when coming and going. However, sometimes I’m a bit lackadaisical about pruning the tree, but I always get to it sooner or later.

Then one day I looked outside and there I saw two of our local ‘professional’ landscapers pruning the acacia tree for me…free of charge! They asked for nothing in return, they just saw a job that needed to be done and they did it.  Thank you Lola and Rebecca.

Photo credit: Candy-Dor

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