Am I Psychic?

I know something “psychic” is going on, but not quite sure what.  I’ve had these natural abilities for a long time and can’t control when or where they’ll happen. For the most part, it’s usually an enigmatic experience but nonetheless I’ve experienced it on several unmistakable occasions. And the amazing part is I have several psychic abilities, which totally blows my mind.  I guess I’ve always assumed that sensitives were experts in only one type of ability or gift, and typically involving only one of the five human senses (i.e., hearing, smelling, seeing, etc.). Well, I’m here to say I’m living proof that assumption is wrong.  

The first type of ability I’ve experienced is called clairsensitive (feeling).  For example, at night when I’m in bed the atmosphere in the room seems to change and I can’t describe it any other way except that the white noise shifts and I can feel it, hear it, sense it.  Occasionally, this energy starts to mess with me by vaguely touching the blankets and I’ll begin to feel the pressure (hair standing on end) start at my ankles, slowly making it’s way up to my thighs before I uncover my head and try to peek at whatever it is, and then it abruptly stops.  This will happen over and over again until I either forget about it or fall asleep.  I also seem to have a friend (not hardly) who likes to “tickle” me, particularly under my armpits and always when I’m asleep and can’t do anything about it.  For a long time I assumed it was my husband playing with me while I was asleep, although it would be totally out of context for him to do.  I couldn’t actually tell him to stop because I was sleeping and knew it, and so I was pleading in my head, “Please STOP”!  And after finally waking up, I immediately rolled over and he was facing the other way and so I KNOW it wasn’t him!  On a few occasions, I’ve also been tickled on my belly kinda hard and I couldn’t stand it!  What the heck is up with this type of phenomenon and is it unusual?  

The second type of ability I’ve encountered is called clairaudient (hearing) and this is indeed a strange anomaly.  I’ve heard a group of people as well as a single individual “singing” with the knowing it’s simultaneously happening in another part of the world.  It’s almost as if the individuals singing are doing it with so much heartfelt emotion and feeling, it’s just bursting to come through and break dimension to someone who’s receptive to it, as if there’s too much energy for it to stay contained within their surrounding environment.  If I listen closely, I often hear voices, music and singing as I’m drifting off to sleep (which is actually related but not the same thing).  And then there’s clairolfaction (smelling).  I’ve done this only once in my life, right after my father passed away.  I believe he came to me several times and I could smell “him”, although not what I would’ve imagined.  It was his sickness and that sweet musty smell that permeated him for a time before his death, but this was certainly how I knew for sure it was him.  

Next I’ll put lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and Out of Body Experience in one category because of the context in which it occurs- during sleep.  I continue to experience sleep paralysis quite often and it’s probably the most scary of all events.  Lucid dreaming appears to just go along with this, although I’m unable to control my dreams as lucid dreaming suggests. And I’ve had an out-of-body experience only once and hope like hell it never happens again! I was in my bed and all of a sudden just sat up, knowing I was asleep.  My husband got up to use the restroom and I saw him walking out of the room and immediately a dark presence with the name “Tom” came walking in, up to the side of my bed and then disappeared (I never understood how I knew his name, I just did). I remember hearing and seeing this whole incident exactly as it occurred (my husband getting out of bed, his footsteps, and shutting the bathroom door).  Only thing is, my husband told me I was sleeping the entire time and I could have sworn I was awake because of the vividness of the event.

Last but not least, I have the ability of precognition.  This is the most unwelcome “gift” of all, as this only appears to me before an emotionally charged event occurs. I’ve had three “clear” precognition visions that all foretold impending death of loved ones.   It’s a flash (vision if you will) that just appears to me for a split second. It’s like de ja vu′ in a sense because the vision always “plays out” later as the negative event is manifesting, or about to transpire.  With that being said, I’ve always been afraid of the unknown, afraid of the dark and of unexplained “spirits” since childhood and of course some nights are better than others, but I never feel completely safe from receiving these psychic energies.  It’s kind of scary to be a vessel for psychic abilities and not knowing what it all means or when it will happen.   


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