Public Footpaths

In the UK you are never far from a public footpath, a track that can take you into the countryside, to a church, from village to village, from farm to farm.

There are thousands of them and you will find them marked on Ordnance Survey maps with short red dashes. As you study the map you’ll see them all over the place, a web of interconnecting paths.

For those who love walking and quiet as I do they are perfect for getting away from all the traffic,noise and pollution that modern life brings. If you plan your walk well you can escape from the rat race for hours on end and not come across a single car as you walk from field to wood, from wood to hillside.

In addition to the ubiquitous footpath there are other tracks you can go down – bridle paths (for horse riders),bye ways and farm tracks, plus ancient packhorse routes, created when the majority of goods were taken by horse or mule.

With the industrial revolution many of the old trade routes became redundant and with the onset of the internal combustion engine trails and roads and canal paths were no longer needed. Many were lost but happily the majority survived and they are here for us all to enjoy right now!!


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