Charge It All Up with the Punkt UC 01 USB Desktop Charger

Punkt UC 01 USB Desktop Charger
Look around — it’s like the invasion of USB powered devices. There’s phones and tablets and Bluetooth speakers that are all hungry for power. All of them have to be charged and so there’s no wonder there’s cables everywhere. How about a compact, all-in-one charging dock that adds a bit of class? That’s what Punkt’s UC 01 USB Desktop Charger is all about.

The UC 01 is simple and quietly confident to look at and that’s due to it being Italian made and designed by a London artist. Black or white, it’s a smooth surface only marred by 3 USB ports on its top. No connecting it to a computer or laptop, it gets its power from a wall outlet. And since it’s multi-voltage for use anywhere on Earth, it has the correct plug for the electrical grid where it’s going to be used (i.e., bought with this in mind). You’re not stuck with one size for the mains cable either because choosing to get the UC01 also means choosing from two sizes (short and long) for just how long the mains cable will be.

So you plug in a USB cable or a micro-USB cable or a Lightning cable whose other end is going into a USB powered device. First thing noticed is that this is a one-handed operation because the UC 01 is heavy enough to stay firmly in place on its own. The next thing noticed is how fast the charging gets accomplished: each of the USB ports has 2.4 amps working which translates into fast charging (that’s 7.5 amps in all). So you could be charging 3 tablets all at the same time. And no, it doesn’t matter if you’re plugging in a USB 2.0 or 3.0 cable, they’ll both work fine.

The UC 01 USB Desktop Charger is small enough to travel, but does a large job when it comes to giving you multiple charging ports. Plus its good looks means it doesn’t offend wherever it gets placed while providing 3 charging ports for those hungry, hungry, electrical devices. How couldn’t all that be worth $99.00 U.S.?

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