Put EARIN’s M1 Wireless Earbuds In

Earbuds aren’t new. Wireless earbuds aren’t new. But removing the cable connecting the left and right earbud IS new. So that is the start of the attraction of EARIN’s M1 Wireless Earbuds. But for sure there’s more.

Each of the two earbuds sync through Bluetooth to a mobile device, so you put one in each ear in order to have stereo. For practical purposes you just use it like any other Bluetooth headset, although there is a dedicated app for customizing the sound if desired. That customization for improving the sound includes boosting the bass responses and balancing the volume level between the two earbuds, with the app available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Another method for improving the sound comes from the ear tip choices which vary in size to aid in the fit. The lightness of the earbuds themselves aids in improving the sound because their comfortable fit means you can wear them longer (i.e., use them). FYI, no microphone means no added weight or battery drain or dedicated electronics.

Of course the sound quality comes from the physical “build”, with each earbud having its own dedicated amp driving a 10mm balanced armature speaker. Obviously both earbuds are tuned to work together for a quality sound — the frequency range is 20-20 000 Hz with a speaker sensitivity of 105 dB SPL +- 2dB — all working together to give a solid bass at the low end for melding in with the mid and high-tones.

Another difference between the M1’s and conventional Bluetooth headsets is that the earbuds are kept in an aluminum capsule case that both protects and keeps them safe when not in use (after all, it’s easier to lose a loose earbud than one attached to a cable). But the capsule does more: it automatically charges each earbud through its own internal battery and can do that a total of 3 times per its being charged.

The M1 Wireless Earbuds is both Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 compatible, supports the modern, popular audio codecs (AAC, aptX and SBC), and allows a playing time of up to 3 hours (stereo) or up to 11 hours in mono (pretty sweet for all those audiobook fans out there). But going beyond the quality of sound and convenience of the charging/carrying case is the fact that “losing” the cable makes the M1 fit with ease and a greater comfort. To the point where you only know that they’re in your ears because of the sound you’re hearing.

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