Put Those Worries Behind me= Tanikka Paulk

Worry has caused a lot of damage for so many. Worrying produces a lot of health issues. The heart can become weaker due to worrying too much. “There are many reasons” why some may choose to worry. Some are worriers. Worrying about even small issues. Of course there may be some concern but when we’re sitting around and thinking of what can go wrong that’s when the body starts to breakdown. There are some who try to create worry for others. For some they believe that the worry will prevent whatever they’re trying to prevent. 

That’s why thinking positively is important. Try to engage in positive activities and avoid toxic people. Some are so toxic and no matter what a person does will always project their toxins. Put those worries behind. Move back worries. Worries not welcomed. Nope. Worrying isn’t positive and having too much negativity in our lives can certainly create further problems. More tension and a breakdown within the mind and body. 

There’s a lot of people who will worry for whatever reasons. Although so many have been told not to worry, some “will continue” to do so, worrying can be considered a habit so many can’t seem to break. Some have to seek professional help because they’re having difficulties not worrying. Restless nights. Many tosses and turns due to worry about life experiences. There will be a lot of problems to face and of course it wouldn’t be realistic to say that no person should be worried about what occurs. 

The key is to lessen the worry. To try and relax and enjoy activities which offer some pleasure. Positive activities that is. My great grandmother would worry about every member of the family. Admittance to being a worrier earlier on. Now I’m less worry “free.” Praying helps decrease and eliminate the worry. Constant prayer will help remove the worry. There’s certainly a lot of issues which will need attention. When we’re frustrated then we’re unable to function properly. 

In order to remain stable. All of the worrying must be removed. The areas which cause worry should be closely monitored. There will need to be some modifications in order to remain healthy. No person should be consumed with worry. The ones who enjoy creating worry for others may not be stable and there should be less time surrounded by such individuals. “Try to live in peacefulness.”

“Prayer can Help in so Many Ways. The Spiritual Connection Allows the Peace to Flow.” By:  Tanikka Paulk

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