Putting Some on the Spot huh?

There are some who may try to be very slick. Some thinking they’re out smarting certain individuals but are they really? Not at all. If they’re unwilling to stop their antics then perhaps putting the individuals on the spot may be exactly what’s needed. Some will continue being quite slick if there’s no consequences. For so many ‘communicating” how their actions are causing a lot of headache isn’t enough. In some cases extreme measures must be taken in order for the individuals to stop doing whatever it is they’r’e doing. 

There are some who are no different than children. Some who continue child play and never seem to get on track. Never any “seriousness” just a whole bunch of play and a lot of deceptiveness. How unfortunate when there’s a lot at stake. Some risking freedom their freedom because of not accepting what is or simply being greedy. Calling some out may be necessary in order to receive some order as well as some peace. 

There are some who will continuously cause havoc because there’s no rules in their world or no consequences. They’ll continue wrecking havoc for so many. Not every person will listen to reasoning. Some can’t hear what’s being said because they’re unwilling” to listen.” Some may listen when coming from certain individuals. For some the reason they’re unwilling to listen is due to lack of respect. What a world we live in. 

There is major competition and some of the competition can drive one crazy if allowed. There are some who never stop being competitive. They’re always on a mission to stop their competition in someway. Causing all sorts of madness and headache for not only their competition but for others. Some aren’t even aware of the risks they’re taking. There are some who do take the actions they’ve taken because they believe that there will be no consequences. 

It’s quite difficult to reason with individuals who are always up to no good. Never considering how their actions could lead the individuals down a very dark road. Some may feel the need to take the routes they’ve chosen because of feeling desperate. Desperation can cause some individuals to do some of the most insane things. Some may end up being isolated due to their behavior. Never considering the consequences for their “actions.” 

Not all believe in justice. Some may not think that their actions deserve any consequences. There are some who have been deceptive their whole lives and are unable to stop on their own. For some intervention is needed. “Intervening” could even save some lives. Some are headed to disaster. If no one speaks about the abnormal behaviors then there could be chaos which develops into an out of control society. Just like children if there’s no discipline they’ll continue acting out or if there’s no understanding then there could be further actions taken which could cause a major breakdown in the family. 

“Intervention is Necessary and Prevention is Always Best.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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