Putting Unethical Practices to use

Now we’re seeing a lot of businesses, organizations, and corporations using some of the most “damaging practices.” Telling all sorts of lies to get their competition down. We’ll notice some unethical practices making its way into the sports arena. Yes, a lot of athletes are using such practices to get head, not being concerned about their name or their brand name. Telling lies on their competitors in order to try to stay at the top. Perhaps some competitors will decide to provide the names of such athletes, networks, and businesses real success of the mind will carry on despite what their competition is saying. 

Not everyone is in the business to be ethical or perhaps even concerned about how their actions can make an economy weaker. Doesn’t sound as if great minds are coming together. There’s way too many people more concerned about getting others down instead of trying to built a stronger country. If they’re willing to risk a whole lot to get others down then that’s on the individuals of course. There should really be more focus on making society better instead of trying to tear down “progress.” 

It’s really unfortunate that the competitors aren’t trying to aim higher. The more they continue to come up against the competition the more they’ll be placing themselves in hole. Some go as far as to take some of their competitions information to use for bad. Perhaps if they try doing some good then they’ll witness better outcomes. There will always be competition as long as “mankind” is here on earth. A little competition isn’t a bad thing but overly competitive ones can bring down a nation if there’s no intervention. 

If the behaviors continue then there will be more deficits. The united states seems to be suffering already. If they’re willing to keep bringing businesses down then they’re doing an injustice to all. In order function properly “there needs to be money circulating.” No matter what’s said, no person can do without money, money is needed for survival. Even the bible speaks about God not wanting His children to be poor. Prosperity is something God wants for His children. 

Perhaps some are more concerned with getting others down because they’re afraid they’ll do better, become stronger, and they’re afraid of the growth. Not everyone wants to see others prosper. Some will do just about anything to make sure some aren’t prospering in some way. Most people will consider such individuals as haters. They’re really hating on themselves. “Their actions will cause a decline in their own wealth.” There’s no progress when the mentality is off. 

Even the ones who are very intelligent will also take part in trying to make sure others aren’t excelling. Perhaps they’re “line of thinking” is just like the crabs. If they were really thinking then they would allow others to grow in order to make sure the country doesn’t suffer because when a country suffers everyone inside the country suffers as well. Not thinking outside the box is a mistake. Behaving like crabs will prove to be a disaster. As long as they’re willing to use the same tactics then they’ll see very little progress within themselves. 

“The Wrong Tactics can Bring a Nation Down.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

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