The Puzzling Events Which Continue to Take Place

Oh goodness, there’s a writer and blogger who just can’t seem to escape the angry, overly competitive crowd. Everyday they keep trying to chase down the writer and try to claim her ideas. “She seems to be doing just fine though despite all of the noise makers.” Wonder why they keep harassing the writer and blogger? Seems as if there’s a lot of people behaving like crabs. Wow!

Wonder how long their antics will go on? It’s like the writer and blogger is some sort of celebrity. They can’t seem to get enough of trying to irritate the writer but she keeps on going anyway. Perhaps she’s thinking in her mind that there’s a lot of idiots out there. Could be “possible.” She could be thinking there’s a lot of donkey’s with no life. Of course if the individuals were really living happy and fulfilling lives then they wouldn’t have to keep attacking and harassing the writer and blogger but anyhow she keeping on moving along. 

They’ve been trying to get the writer and blogger down for quite sometime. Trying all sorts of tactics even intimidating and fear tactics. Causing all sorts of havoc. Anyone else probably would have given up by now but the writer and blogger refuses to do so. No matter how many try to come up against her even if it’s her own children. She “continues to pray” and remain hopeful. No person should feel as if they’re not deserving of a better living. 

There should be continuous efforts towards creating more stability. No matter how many attacks arise the writer and blogger finds ways to stay uplifted and refuses to have a defeated attitude. The challenges actually produce more strength. She’s decided to try and make some changes which include to move forward with her life. She’s faced many battles and continues to do so. Her thoughts are to continue to create success. No matter what others may “think.” Success comes in many forms. Every action which is completed is a successful one. 

Some perceive the writer and blogger as not being successful because she’s not currently making millions. In due time her bank account will be chunky. especially with so many coming up against her. There are laws and justice doesn’t exist. The writer and blogger does see “the blessings” in all of the chaos. The individuals who continuously come up against her are doing an injustice to themselves. There is no win when evildoing is going on. 

Even through her mistakes she’s overcame the trials. Her 5 children are certainly a blessing whether they’ve done good or bad. There was a period when the writer and blogger was told she wouldn’t be able to have children but she has 5. “Demonstrates” when man say’s no God says yes. So no matter how difficult the days may seem at times. The adversity doesn’t stop the writer and blogger from trying to excel and eventually she will make it to her chosen destination. 

“Well Who’s the Writer and Blogger Mention in the Article?” It’s Tanikka Paulk

That’s her Below. She Keeps on Going and Praying.  Have to Close the Door on Some of the People. 

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

Door Photo Belongs to  Tanikka Paulk

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