Racism at Revlon, Delpani Accused of Expressing Hatred of America and Minorities

RevlonThere is a big buzz on Twitter today about Lorenzo Delpani, the CEO of the Revlon makeup company, and some things he’s apparently been overheard to say recently. This has come to light after an employee at the company filed a religious discrimination lawsuit. Delpani is reported to be outspokenly anti-American and hates being in the country – he considers it ‘dirty’ compared to his native Italy. He has also at least once said the country will become like ISIS soon.

What he has to say about people of other races or religions is even worse! He commented about how Jews usually stick together during one remark, but said he was happy one Jewish Revlon shareholder didn’t act like that. He also said of black people that he “could smell a black person when he entered a room”. These statements, along with claims that he discriminated against an employee of Jewish American descent and ignored warnings over safety concerns at manufacturing plants, are all part of the lawsuit.

People have taken to social media, using the hashtag #ShadesOfRevlon to both spread the word to boycott Revlon owned products and make fun of situation. Tongue in cheek tweets promoting Malcolm X-foliating Cream and Star of David Daffodil Perfume. The product’s stock fell by 2% today and the outraged public has vowed to continue the boycott and social media campaign at least until a public apology is issued.

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