Ragna SS: ACFILA Chapter 16c

Chapter 16c:

“What the F? Now you’re just getting too personal Miss. Kalpana. And who are you to tell me how do I look? Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You look like a spoiled tomato. Always having this redness on your face and a straight ugly nose.” Raghav starts throwing daggers at Kalpana this time and Priya stands next to Prem requesting him to stop his brother from cursing Kalpana.

“Why should I stop my brother? It was your friend who started this. Now she also needs to be taught a lesson. Go ahead bro.” Prem starts cheering Raghav and Priya gives him a disgusting look.

“Prem…What’s wrong with you? You and your brother are shameless. It was your brother who started all this nonsense and you’re supporting him?” Priya snaps and Prem points his finger at her saying “How can you blame my brother? It was your friend who slapped him.” “Oh my friend slapped him? It was because your cheap brother kissed her. You were also present there. Had you turned blind or what?” “Just don’t blame my brother. It’s your friend.” “It’s your brother. “It’s your friend.” “Your brother”

“How dare you?” Kalpana holds Raghav’s collar and shakes him up. “You called my nose ugly? You rotten piece of sh**” Raghav’s temper starts increasing and he holds Kalpana’s hand.

The four keep fighting on the street. As Kalpana and Raghav start a physical fight, Prem and Priya start fighting verbally.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

The complete index for the parts of this story are listed on my blog.

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