Ragna SS: ACFILA Chapter 20a

Chapter 20a:

“Aahh! Don’t move Kalpi…Sit straight and purse your lips. It’s surprising that today you are not at all interested in putting makeup. Else you used to get ready with the best of outfits, makeup and jewelry for a normal family dinner. Now why aren’t you showing any interest Kalpi?” Kalpana’s aunt Preeti asks her and Kalpana rolls her eyes.

“Preeti…I get ready only when it’s a happy occasion…Not funerals.” Kalpana snaps and Preeti gives her a pat on the back. “Stop saying such things…That boy will be a nice boy only. I trust my brother’s choice. He’ll be your perfect soulmate.”


“Perfect soulmate? Dadi, are you kidding me? I am so tired of these marriage proposal crap dadi. I’ve met 3 girls till now and all are one worse than the other. The first girl was a complete drunkard. She used to bet with me and challenge me to drink more vodka shots than her. If she would become my wife, dad would have to change his business from an advertising agency to alcohol refinery. The second girl OMG…She was so tacky. Her dad has an oil factory which doesn’t mean she has to put so much oil in her hair that it starts stinking. When she came close to me and rested her hair on my shoulder, her hair almost got stuck to the shirt and I could see oil drops just dripping from her hair on my pants. Eeks…”

Shakuntala says “Raghav…I know the first 2 girls were bad but the third one was a cute girl. Why did you refuse her? She had just a small problem.”

“Small problem dadi? She was deaf. She couldn’t hear anything what I said as her hearing machine was left at home when she came to meet me. I had to scream over the top of my voice to even tell her my name. That dumb girl kept hearing “Agam Agam” when I was telling her “Raghav Raghav.” That idiot wanted to watch a movie in my bedroom with me then and instead of watching the film, I had to tell her each and every dialogue and that too by screaming it out. I became hoarse because of that and till now my throat is paining.” He says while gulping down the throat medicine.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

The complete index for the parts of this story are listed on my blog.

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