Ragna SS: ACFILA Chapter 9a

Chapter 9a:

For few moments, the place turns silent. Everyone start staring at Kalpana and Raghav when they hear the noise of a tight slap that struck Raghav’s right cheek.

The sponsor and DJ remain astonished to see the a place which was so chirpy and lively few moments back had turned into a cemetery in few moments.

Raghav could just hear the sound of the slap that was so loud which sounded like a trumpet tune. He shakes his head and holds his cheek.

Kalpana starts burning in frustration and disgust thinking how could a boy kiss her without her permission. Raghav’s face had become pale and Priya and Prem stood silent and confused.

Kalpana walks out of the function and Priya follows her outside leaving Raghav and Prem in a state of shock.

Raghav removes his hand from his cheek and looks at the crowd. He turns to face the sponsor whose mouth was wide open and the DJ who was holding the dummy key in his hand. Raghav stuffs his hands in his pockets and fakes a smile. He behaves as if nothing happened and says “I’m fine. Continue partying guys. Everything’s fine.”

He casually walks away to avoid any more embarrassment and Prem accompanies him to the room.

“How dare he? How could he? Bloody jerk…Urghhh!” Kalpana keeps grumbling about the incident and walks from one side to the other and Priya keeps following her footsteps.

“What is it Priya?” Kalpana frowns and Priya responds “Please cool down Kalpi. I know what happened was wrong but…” “Wrong…” Kalpana screams. “I’m gonna kill that bas****” She raises her hands and closes her fist tight.

“Bro…Bro, what happened? Why did that girl Kalpana slap you?” Raghav turns to look at Prem and takes a deep breath.

Raghav smirks and says “Prem, I’m a little tired right now. We’ll talk tomorrow morning.”

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

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