Ragna SS: ACFILA Chapter 9b

Chapter 9b:

Prem stops Raghav saying “Bro but what about the car?”

Raghav turns and asks “Which car?”

“Bro, the car which you and Kalpana won…” Prem answers.

Raghav gets flashes of the slap and caresses his cheek says angrily while gritting his teeth “I don’t care about that car.”

Prem looks confused at his brother and replies “So bro, should I give it to Kalpana.”

Raghav starts fuming in anger at his brothers words and shouts “No.” Prem stands in a shock and widens his eyes with his brother’s response.

Raghav points his finger at Prem and says firmly “Get the car keys now.” Prem nods his head and rushes to get the prize.

“Kalpi, how many times will you wash your face and brush your teeth? It’s the 10th time now. You’ll not have any teeth if you continue like this.”

“I just want to get the disgusting man’s touch out of my memories…Yuck…” Kalpana says while brushing her teeth.

Raghav looks at his face in the mirror and checks himself out. “Yeah! I look handsome and dashing.” He raises his hand and checks his biceps “Hmmm…Perfect body.” He takes of his tshirt and checks his abs. “Six packs…Soon to be 8 packs.” He checks his face “I’m a stud…Who can deny me as a boy friend?” His eyes fall on his cheek which has turned red due to the slap and noticing this his eyes become moist “How could she slap me? And that too for just a small kiss….Urghhh! Raghav just relax…Don’t stress else you’ll fall sick…” He drinks water from the refrigerator and looks at his face again “No….No girl can refuse me. After all I’m the dream boy every girl wants to have me as their partner and this girl…Kalpana…She slapped me and that too in front of so many people? Oh me! It’s so embarrassing.” He jumps on the bed and covers his face with the pillows.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

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