Ragna SS: Anyone can fall in love anytime Chapter 44f

Chapter 44f:

The lights go off and some footsteps are heard. A girl puts her one hand up and one on her waist while a boy stands near her putting his hands around her waist. She pushes him as the music starts:

Ladke, O Re Ladke (O Guy!)
Kahan Se Aaya Hai Re Tu (Where have You come from?)
Pyara Hai Re Shakal Se (You have a lovely face)
Akal Ka Maara Hai Re Tu (But You have a foolish mind too)

The lights turns on. Raghav widens his eyes when he notices that the girl is Kalpi. She has worn a black ghagra (long skirt) and a green choli (blouse). He takes a drink in his hand and bites his lower lip as he observes her dance on the stage.

The light then focuses on the boy and Raghav spits out the drink when he notices John as Kalpana’s dance partner.

Haan Jal Gayi, Haan Jal Gayi (Yes, You got burnt (envious))
Meri Baaton Se Tu Jal Gayi (You got burnt due to my talks)
Haan Khal Gayi, Tujhe Khal Gayi (Yes, it irritated you)
Meri Beparwahi Khal Gayi (My carelessness irritated you)
Mohtarma Tu Kis Khet Ki Mooli (O lady! Of what kind are You? (What is so special about You?))
Hai Zara Bata (Just tell me that)

Kalpana dances singing the lines:

TV Pe Breaking News, Haye Re Mera Ghagra (My long skirt is the breaking news on TV)
Baghdad Se Leke Dilli Via Agra (From Baghdad to Delhi via Agra)

John holds the bottom of her skirt and and crawls on the ground while dancing. Raghav gets furious on watching them dance and feels like breaking the glass in his hand. Sunaina’s mother hits her head with the hand saying “This girl. This time also she chose a mujra song for the sangeet. Chi Chi!” Sunaina tries to console her mom but her efforts go in vain.

Sammy starts cheering for them while Raghav looks angrily at him signalling to stop clapping.

At the end of the song, John carries Kalpana in his arms and spins around and all the guests including Samar’s parents clap and Vikram for them and appreciate their dance.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

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