Ragna SS: Anyone can fall in love anytime Chapter 54d

Chapter 54d:

After an hour the couples visit the beach.

Kalpana sits on the sand and asks Sunaina to join her while Raghav and Sammy play badminton with the other boys on the beach.

“Kalpi, why did you make me wear this dress? It’s so short and I’m feeling so uncomfortable.”

“Bhabi, I knew that you will wear a salwar as usual and we were going to dress up for a beach. Who wears a salwar bhabi? This is Paris and check the girls out here. They are all dressed up so stylish and wearing trendy outfits. With time, you also need to change. Now relax and look at Sammy who is so happy to see you in a dress.” Sunaina looks at Sammy who is playing badminton but his attention was only on Sunaina.

She starts blushing and Kalpana hits her shoulder with hers saying “Hmmm… Sammy is completely mesmerized by your beauty. What magic did you do bhabi that he is so lost in you? Look at Raghav. He’s completely focused in his game, not even paying attention to my dress that I purchased for him.”

“Kalpi, Raghav loves you a lot but when he is focused, there’s nothing that can divert his attention no matter whether it’s work or a game.”

“Hmmm…Then I only need to do something to woo him.” Sunaina widens her eyes and starts getting nervous knowing Kalpana is up to something.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

Picture credit: erikalui

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