Ragna SS: Anyone can fall in love anytime Chapter 55a

Chapter 55a:

“Kalpana?” Raghav’s eyes pop out when he notices the girl is none other Kalpana.

Raghav feels dizzy and wipes his eyes to confirm it. He approaches the girl and stops few meters away and notices that the girl is Kalpana in real.

Kalpana swirls around in joy and starts drawing a figure in the sand with her toes. Raghav comes near her and stands dumbstruck before her. “What are you doing Kalpi? This swimsuit?”

Kalpana poses and says “Why? Am I not looking hot? Those boys there are admiring me a lot with their flying kisses.”

Raghav holds her hand and says “Enough now. Come let’s go home.” He grabs her hands and forces her to come with him but Kalpana denies and releases her hand from his grip.

Kalpana bends and collects water in her palms and splashes on him. Raghav covers his face with his hands and decides to do the same. He too starts splashing water on her and they both start having fun on the beach. He picks her up and wraps her waist with his hands, swirls her around and starts laughing while Sunaina goes near Sammy who has been watching their fun from far and she holds his hands and rests her shoulder praying that they always remain happy with each other.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

Picture credit: erikalui

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