Ragna SS: Haunted House (A house with many secrets) Chapter 2a

Chapter 2a:

“Hmmm…May be he wants to stay alone. What’s wrong if a person does not want to interact with anyone? Not necessary that one should be suspicious about the person or the place he lives in.” I said while Prem did not have any answer to that. “Have you been to his house?” I asked.
“I have been there few years back.”

Flashback starts…

Prem’s POV:

My car tires got punctured and I was left stranded on the road. The mansion was near by and I thought to ask Raghav for help. I was feeling very creepy as I approached the mansion and thinking about the ghost stories I had earlier made me feel worse. I had to walk up to the mansion which was right in the corner and each noise was making me feel restless. The trees waving because of the wind, the bats crying and moreover, it was going to rain soon.

I reached the gate and was calling out for Raghav. I stood there and suddenly someone caught me from behind. I screamed out of fear and when I saw a man. I could not stop my scream. His half face was cut and his bones were visible. He caught my mouth stopping me from screaming more and I just became cold. My senses stopped working.

He removed his hand from my mouth and immediately covered his face with a cloth. He said “Shushhh….Don’t make noise here. Who are you and why did you come here? You don’t know that trespassers are not allowed here?”
“Y….Yes…” I stammered and continued saying “I…Actually, my car got punctured….I wanted some help…There is no mechanic nor garage nearby so…”
“So what? Go from here immediately. Nobody can help you here. Leave.” He said loudly.
He was so rude and he did not care to help me. I though it was useless to argue with him and so I turned to leave when I heard a voice saying “Hey come in.”
I got scared for a moment and turned to see that it was Raghav. He came smiling towards me leaving Rajesh all confused.
“Hey what happened? any problem?” Raghav asked.
“No..I mean yes. My car got punctured and so I wanted help.” I said in a hurry.
“Oh yes, why not? Rajesh uncle, my caretaker, knows how to repair cars and he can help you out. By the time he repairs the car, you can come and spend sometime in the house as I feel it’s going to rain anytime soon.”
I looked at Rajesh and said in my mind “He and will help me? Never. He told me that he won’t help me.”
Rajesh looked angrily at me and then answered “But sir. It is already quite late and it would take at least 20-30 minutes to change the tire. I guess that you can give him one of your cars so that he can reach home soon. I will send his car tomorrow to his house.”
I knew he wanted to drive me away asap. He looked to be too possessive about his master. Anyways, till my work was going to be done, I was happy.
“That will be a great idea. Rajesh uncle, give him the white car keys. Your good name?” Raghav asked.
“Prem…Prem Kapoor.”
“OK great. You must be knowing my name I guess. I am Raghav Singhania.”
“Yes, I know and thanks a lot for your help. I mean you are willing to give your car to a stranger. You are very kind.” I smiled and said.
“Haha! My pleasure. You leave your address with Rajesh so that he can send the car to your house tomorrow. Good luck! Drive safely.” Saying this he went inside the house and I took the car keys from Rajesh and left.

Flashback ends…

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

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