Ragna SS: Haunted House (A house with many secrets) Chapter 2b

Chapter 2 Part b:

“Then why do you still believe in those ghost stories? Raghav is such a nice guy to have helped you and you want to still believe that he lives in a haunted house?” I asked.
“I don’t know Kalpana but still I feel that the house is haunted. When I went there, I wanted to rush home as I felt that my life is in danger. I don’t know why I don’t like that servant at all.” Prem said resting his head behind on the sofa.
“Yeah, by hearing about him, he does sound weird. But I guess he is quite old and sometimes old people are a bit rude.” I said.
“Hmmm. But he looks so scary. Sometimes I feel that he only is a ghost. The way he looks suspicious, talks suspiciously, everything about him is so strange. His half face is destroyed and that makes him look worse.”
“Now will you both stop talking about Raghav and the ghost stories?” My aunt said while bringing a tray with 2 cups of coffee and a bowl of snacks for us.
“But aunty, this discussion is so interesting. Prem and his imaginary haunted house.” I laughed and answered.
“So you were only asking me questions to make fun of me?” Prem snapped.
“OK OK…I won’t make fun of you but seriously Prem, there is nothing like a ghost in today’s time. You were just getting scared because of the stories you heard about that house else Raghav and his care taker sound really genuine and especially Raghav sounds very humble.” I said.
“You seem to be a lot more interested in the owner of the house, Raghav.” Prem started pulling my leg.
“Shut up Prem and drink your coffee.” I snapped.

After few hours Rajeev uncle came from work and we all spent time together. I was feeling good but I was not used to this life as hostel life was full of study ,study and only study. I almost had forgotten the meaning of having a family and this was the day I realized that I missed lot of things in life. Being alone was not a solution for me as except studying and working, I had no life of my own but this day was a great memory for me.

I unpacked by bags in the evening and then went to sleep on the bed. During the night, I started getting flashes of Raghav. I opened my eyes and smiled at myself thinking why was I thinking about a man I just met and he was a complete stranger for me. Was it because I took interest in his story or was it something else? Was my destiny telling me that I need to meet him or was it just a coincidence that I met him on the first day? I had many questions but no answers.

I closed my eyes to get rid of those thoughts. Suddenly I felt few foot steps approaching me. It was all dark and I thought that may be it’s a dream. I did not want to open my eyes as I was too scared as those foot steps sounded louder and my heart started beating faster. I opened my eyes and was taken aback. I wanted to scream but my mouth was covered. I could not see the person before me as it was all dark. The lights came on after few moments and I got a start when I saw the person.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

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