Ragna SS: Haunted House (A house with many secrets) Chapter 2c

Chapter 2 Part c:

“Prem…” I wanted to scream but he tightened the grip of his hand on my mouth saying “Don’t scream Kalpi. I hence put my hand on your mouth to stop you. Today is dad’s birthday and I want to give him a surprise. Mom has already made the arrangements and she has invited all dad’s friends too. Come get ready fast and we will give him a surprise.”
He released his hand from my mouth and I took a deep breath saying “You could have told this earlier. Why did you have to scare me? My heart stopped beating for few seconds.”
“Haha! Don’t tell me you thought that the ghost of Singhania Mansion came to scare you.” Prem started teasing me.
“No and I don’t believe in ghosts like you. Now come let’s party.”

We partied the entire night and we all fell asleep in the hall itself.

Three days had passed by and I kept visiting the tourist spots of Panchgani with Prem and his friends. I did not like his friends though as they were quite a tease and pranksters like Prem. I don’t know why but I wished to see the Singhania mansion once but I did not know the way to reach there nor would Rajeev uncle and Prem let me go there.

I woke up early the next day and started searching for a job in the newspaper. Rajeev uncle did not want me to work and wanted me to get married soon as I was already 23 but to avoid that I thought of working to keep myself busy and avoid the marriage talks.

I was browsing through the newspaper and suddenly my eyes stopped at a job advert which read “Wanted a content writer for Singhania Industries.” I thought for a while and then circled the advert and left with my resume and all my documents.

I reached the place and got down from the rickshaw. I looked at the tall building and read the name “Singhania Industries” on the black board. It was a black glass building and looked classy as it was the tallest among all other buildings.

I kept admiring the building when I felt someone drag me. I was pulled towards a person and my head hit his chest. I wondered what was going on when I heard him say “You can’t see and drive.” He kept scolding the bike man and I looked up to see who was the person. It was none other than Raghav Singhania. I was actually standing in the middle of the road and I did not realize this as I was staring at the building. The bike was about to hit me and it was Raghav who saved me. I was more happy than shocked.

“Are you fine?” He asked.
I smiled and nodded my head. “You should not dream when you are standing in the middle of the road.” He said.
I said “Sorry.”
“Never mind but be careful next time.” He said and left from there.
I kept looking at him as he entered the gate and then realized that I have to give an interview.

After an hour, my turn came and I was called in for the interview. I knocked at the door and entered to see that it was Raghav who was going to take my interview.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

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