Ragna SS: Haunted House (A house with many secrets) Chapter 2d

Chapter 2 Part d:

“You are not a fresher and have been working as a writer for 2 years. This post is for freshers then why did you apply for it?” He asked.
“I …I want to work for this company and any post will do for me.” I said and then bit my lower lip as what I said did not make any sense.
“Hmm…Well then I can offer you another post where your experience can be considered. Sammy, bring the appointment papers for the post of a Senior Content Writer.” He said and I kept wondering as I did not even give the interview as he asked me only one question and so fast he decided to give me the job?
Samar Raizada, his assistant came in and handed over me the papers. I signed them and Sammy sir told me that I could join from tomorrow. The salary would be Rs. 40000/- and there would be a pick and drop as well.

I din’t not know what to so as I was so thrilled as well as happy that I got a job and the salary was double the amount I used to earn earlier. Plus there would be a pick and drop but the biggest happiness for me was that I got a chance to work with Raghav. I don’t know when I started feeling for him.

I worked very hard and my articles were appreciated by Raghav a lot. He gave me a bonus in my first month itself and the Employee of the Month certificate as well. I was on cloud 9.

It was the festival of Diwali and some of the employees had applied for leave as well. Sammy had distributed Diwali bonus and sweets to all the employees and the entire office as decorated. When I went to collect my bonus, I passed by Raghav’s room and saw that there was no decoration done in his room. He was sitting alone inside his cabin and was working on his laptop.

I collected my bonus and was about to leave when I dashed into Raghav. “Sorry” I apologized and he smiled saying “It’s OK.”
He was about to leave when I asked “Sir, Happy Diwali.”
I extended my hand to wish him and he removed his hands from the pocket and wished me. He was a bit amazed and he said “Same to you.”
“What happened sir? You aren’t looking excited for Diwali. Your room was not decorated as well. I am sorry for asking this but…”
“Ahhh! No no, don’t be sorry. I don’t celebrate any festival. I don’t have a family of my own and hence except my care taker, there is nobody whom I could celebrate these festivals with.”
When he said that, I felt as if it was me talking. I mean, how could two people feel the same? I asked myself this question.
“Actually, I also used to feel the same and used to not celebrate these festivals. But, every since I am staying with my uncle, aunt and brother, my opinion towards life has changed and I am actually enjoying it.” I said with a smile.
He was actually happy to hear me and I asked him to come over to my place for Diwali and to my surprise he agreed.

I was so happy to see him smiling as he was lighting the crackers and he was behaving like a kid. It appeared to me that he had never seen crackers before as he did not even know the name “Phuljadi.” He was literally dancing as the chakri was lit and he wanted to keep firing all the crackers in one go. I was surprised to see that a business tycoon and the owner of INR 5000 crores did not ever celebrate such an auspicious festival. He and Prem got along very well and Rajeev uncle and Preeti aunt were enjoying talking to Raghav.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

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