Ragna SS: Haunted house (A house with many secrets)

Photo source: Pixabay

Photo source: Pixabay


Today it has been 5 years since that incident took my place in my life. Those memories are still with me and I can never forget them or one can say that I don’t want to forget them. The incidents that have taken place in my life cannot be written down in words and the pain I have gone through these years cannot be expressed but still I want to write these events so that I can get some relief and make my emotions flow by writing them down. I cannot share this with anyone and hence am making a note of what happened in my life.

I still remember the day when I entered that house for the first time. You call it a haunted house, cursed house or anything else but that was the house where I first entered as a bride. My Raghav’s house. The house where I spent the most special moments of my life and that house which destroyed my entire life. I still wake up with a fright when I think of those days I spent in that HAUNTED HOUSE.

How to start? And from where to start? From the day I first met my husband, my Raghav or from the first day I entered the cursed house? OK, I will start from the day I visited Panchgini to stay with my aunt and uncle.

Chapter 1:

I was an orphan and I was staying in a hostel all my life after my parents died in a road accident. I was just 10 years when I lost my mom and dad. What to say about this? Was it my luck or was I so unfortunate that I lived despite being in the same car? I survived after the accident and only bore few small injuries on my head and leg but I lost my parents forever. I was their only child and my mom was expecting at that time so it was three people who died out of four. My aunt and uncle wanted to take care of me but somewhere I felt that they can never take the place of my mom and dad and they had a son of their own as well. I wanted to live in a hostel and grow up as an independent person. Be free from getting attached to anybody so that I don’t have to go through the pain of losing them.

I got down at Panchgani station and was waiting for a cab but was not getting one for a long time. Being unknown to the place, I did not even know the way to reach my aunt’s home. After few moments, a car came and stopped before me and a young and dashing man lowered the window asking me for a lift. He was wearing a dark blue suit and a white tie. I first thought for a second but then could not refuse as I was really tired and wanted to reach the house asap. I entered the car and the man reached me to my aunts place. He did not speak a word during our journey and kept working on his laptop. The driver told me that my destination has been reached and I got off the car. I turned back and said thanks and asked his name. “Raghav” he said and the car left.

I smiled as I bid bye and my aunt came near me and said “Raghav reached you here?”
“Yes.” I answered. I saw a question in her eyes and I asked “Why what happened?”

My cousin came to pick my bags and we entered the house. “What? Haunted house?” I said with a worry.
“Yes. Many people say that the house where Raghav lives is haunted?” My cousin replied.
“Gosh, you believe i such silly stories still.” I laughed as I could not believe that he believes in this stuff.
“Don’t laugh Kalpana. I’m serious. I mean I have not personally witnessed it but people say that various noises come from the house and people have seen shadows as well in his house.”
“You can’t be serious. The man looks pretty cool.” I said.
“Raghav is decent and a friendly person by nature but one wonders that why he lives at the end of Panchgani, all alone and only has one servant to look after the huge mansion with 15 rooms. Why is he such a loner?” My cousin said.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show “Ek Mutthi Asmaan” on ZEE TV.

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