Rappers are Engaging in Smart Investments

Was reading an insert where it says Master P. used a 10, 000 life insurance policy to set an empire. Master P. is very wealthy a good businessman and some may not perceive rappers as intelligent because of the outer appearance. There’s a lot of very smart investors within hip hop. In fact the real money is made through the investments and brands. Rapping is the craft the investing is the wealth generator. There’s a lot of ways one can decide to invest. Investing shouldn’t be rushed. There should be some research done before making investments. 

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50 Cent is another smart investor. A very prominent one. 50 really knows the ins and outs of investing. The wealth is a reward for the hard work but wealth doesn’t mean a thing if there’s no giving back. A good businessman or woman won’t just hand over their money in order to say that they’re investing. They’ll want to know a lot about what they’re investing in. Doesn’t take a lot of money to invest and a lot of small investments have incurred a high return. 

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Jay Z is another great investor. Jay Z is certainly considered a wise businessman and the investments are fitting investments. Don’t let the backgrounds or where a lot of rappers came from deceive. There’s a lot of moguls out there and they’re not finished. There’s a lot more investing to do. That means their families won’t have to worry about money issues. A smart investments will also watch his or her spending habits. 

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The “B” Beyonce  Jay Z’s wife is has a business mind as well. Is very successful not only in music but in investing. Bankrate.com claims Beyonce’s net worth in 2016 was 450 million dollars. Clothing line, shoes, and other investments. “House of Dereon” an activewear co-founder. Not that far behind her husband. Both incomes together and gosh. Not just mere success but financial success and continuous business ventures. 

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Must remember the taxes, IRS, insurance etc. There’s so many products to invest in. For instance yachts. luxury homes, condos. Educational Services, Electronics, shoes. Schools, clothing lines, record companies. Investors know some math or at least have individuals who are skilled with working with numbers. Not all investors will invest alike. Some may invest quickly while others may want to take their time which is wise. Of course investing involves some risks but investing correctly will produce the wealth. 

More than just going in a studio and producers music. Business minded individuals will be highly successful at investing and other business ventures. So don’t think rappers aren’t smart. A lot are continuously searching for top notch investments. Although there’s a lot of money made. Uncle Sam is certainly going to get a good portion of the wealth but even so. They’re still making lots of money by using their business minds. 

Some have more than one record label. Some even invest in sports teams. There’s a lot who have clothing, headphones, and shoes. Making some good money. For real a lot of the shoes and clothing aren’t cheap. Drake is successful as well. Started out acting. Usually acting is where the money is made but Drake seems to be highly successful with his rap career. Most rappers. entertainers, actors will invest in whatever captures their attention. 

Let’s not forget about Birdman who’s net worth is currently estimated 160 million dollars. Still going strong. Birdman is not only a wise investor, businessman but gives back. Doesn’t and didn’t forget where he came from. Birdman goes back to his old community and gives back to the less fortunate. The money earned is also donated. Giving back is important and just giving back in certain areas but where the struggle began. “Producer”

“A Good Businessman or Businesswoman will Make Good and Solid Investments.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Article Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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