Re-Tweet Your Old Evergreen Posts!

Online writing is tough these days.  Even if you manage to get decent ranking for a long tail keyword in Google, how often are people actually searching for that keyword phrase?  You can get lucky sometimes but most of your old posts are just sitting there, not being read by anyone.  Kind of sad isn’t it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

If you write evergreen posts (posts that have information or topics that are relevant over time) you do have some control over how many views they get.  If you are using Twitter that is.


(Note: you can do the same for Facebook, Google+ or any other social media platform but it works best for Twitter)

All you have to do is tweet your old posts once in awhile.  If you’re like  me and you have a huge amount of writing online (I  have almost 500 posts on this site alone!) you can easily tweet old posts and have no one notice.  

The thing you should know about Twitter is that the life of a tweet is very short. Like, less than a couple minutes.  So if you only tweet your new posts you’re not likely to get a huge amount of value from Twitter.  You need to tweet the old posts, too.

Some tips to tweeting old posts:

  1. Make sure that they are still of interest today – if it is about how a Big Brother contestant from 2014 did something shocking, no one cares, and it might even be kind of annoying
  2. Use hashtags to get noticed more. Vary the hashtags you use each time you tweet it.
  3. If you tweeted it in the past week or so, change up the text of the tweet.
  4. Make a graphic to go with the tweet to make it fresh.  Or even just a new picture.
  5. Freshen up the post before you share it; that way you can add “Updated” to your tweet.

Twitter is a tool that you can use sporadically or you can use it daily and get more traction from it.

Oh, and while you’re tweeting things, take some time to re-tweet others’ posts and comment on people’s posts.  Trust me – its a good thing to do.  Even if you are just agreeing with them it’s nice.  But you can add to a conversation or re-tweet with your own comment and you’ll find that people are more likely to do the same for you.

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