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Al Roker and Oprah Winfrey believe in encouraging reading and supporting literacy among children.  If you can read and write, you’re old enough to write a book!  Doesn’t matter if you’re just a little kid.  🙂

Most Americans know famous African-Americans, Al Roker and Oprah Winfrey. Mr. Roker is the weatherman on the Today’s Show and Ms. Winfrey is better known as Ms. O, one of the richest black women in the world and very generous with her money. Both of these celebrities encourage reading and they especially believe in supporting literacy among children.

  • There’s Al’s Book Club for Kids which is supported and promoted by the people he works for, so if you want to find out more just visit the website (
  • If you go to and use the search box at the site, with keywords Kids’ Reading List or Kids’ List, you can find hundreds of great selections for any age group (

Both of these resources are very popular among teachers and librarians. 


picjumbo_com / Pixabay* was once a lesser known resource but it is a real source of knowledge on a wide range of subjects; particularly on the topic of books for babies and children.  Their database had articles about: writing books for kids, collecting antique children’s books, how to make personalized children’s books, etc.  One really fascinating article was about authors of children’s books who were children themselves when they published their works?  In 1641, Francis Hawkins wrote a book about manners and etiquette for kids entitled “Youth Behavior”.  He was eight years old.  Believe it or not, according to an article published by FactMonster, there were child authors even younger than him!  This is a part of literary history which is very inspiring.

  • Unfortunately, a check on December 2016, shows the site no longer exists* and the domain is for sale.  It was a great site!

After all, if you’re encouraging kids to read, why not tell them it’s OK to get started on pursuing a writing career?  These days with self-publishing and eBooks, etc. there’s no stopping anybody who wants to try to be a writer; not even a child!  Amen?

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Youths Behavior
Youths behaviour, or, Decency in conversation amongst men composed in French by grave persons, for the use and benefit of their youth; now newly turned into English by Francis Hawkins (1668)


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