Realistic Family Tree Decals

Family photos are most often hung on a wall or placed on a shelf, but they are not usually considered decorative. If they are not displayed in an interesting way, they often go unnoticed. One of the most impressive ways to exhibit framed pictures is on an oversized family tree. A high-quality peel-and-stick applique makes a phenomenal themed backdrop, and it can be embellished in unique ways. Consider using one of the most realistic family tree decals available as well as an impressive method of display. It will become the focal point of the space. Best of all, additional pictures can be added as new members become part of the family.  

Are Peel and Stick Frames a Good Idea?

I love realistic family tree decals, but I prefer those that do not come with peel-and-stick frames. For one thing, I cannot imagine using decals to hold my photos on a wall. Would I want to stick anything on my photos? Probably not. Even if they would stick, I want my pictures protected by glass and surrounded by a real frame. I would also prefer to make the display dimensional with real wooden frames.  

When it comes to choosing frames, I would use two or three coordinating frame styles and/or colors on realistic family tree decals instead of using all different styles. It could look like a hodgepodge if each one were different. I prefer uniformity. The edges could be decorated with faux gems or beads for a little color and glitz. The framed photos would represent blooms.    

Realistic Family Tree Decals

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Family Tree Wall Decal in Chestnut Brown

The most realistic family tree decals are made and sold by Simple Shapes. Many other companies have designed tree decals, but the others that I found are not as natural looking or as full. Simple Shapes manufactures and sells the original family tree decals, and the largest one is the Family Tree Wall Decal (Chestnut Brown, Standard Size: 107”w by 90”h). Although it is not highly detailed, from several feet back it looks like a real tree. The shape of the trunk, branches and leaves are very realistic. The matte vinyl seems to meld with the wall, and it looks like a painted mural instead of an applique. 

Hang a Birdhouse on the Most Realistic Family Tree Decals

Realistic Family Tree Decals

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After applying the decal and hanging your photos, consider hanging something more. Add a small wooden birdhouse to complete the display. It will add another touch of realism, uniqueness and creativity. Center the birdhouse on the trunk three-fourths of the way up. Fill the hole with pieces of dried moss and/or shredded coconut husk. You could also fill it with little notes for future generations to find. Even without the birdhouse, with the most realistic family tree decals available, the display will look great.

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