Really Clean Your Tablet With the PhoneSoap XL

PhoneSoap XL

We’ve all been told to wash our hands after handling something dirty, but who bothers to do that with their tablet? But if you could see the accumulation of invisible gunk — i.e., germs — that accumulates, you’d want someone else to be doing it for you because no way do you want to be  touching your face with the same digits that have been touching a surface (the tablet) that’s never been truly cleaned. Just removing a fingerprint or smudge won’t cut it. So that’s where the PhoneSoap XL comes in, because all it knows is that the junk living on the tablet is going to be nuked once it gets placed inside.

So let’s get specific: the PhoneSoap XL doesn’t use chemicals or heat to eradicate germs because electronics are going to be placed inside of it. Be it iPad or Android — the latest (like the iPad Pro) or older models will easily fit in the space. Heck, you could put anything you’d want in there, as long as it doesn’t exceed the dimension rules (12.4 deep x 3 wide x 9.75” high). That means remote controls can have their buttons pressed (bad pun, sorry), “point and shoot” digital cameras with touch screens as well as other objects (smartphones obviously) that could benefit from this type of cleaning (yeah even credit cards). Designed mainly for tablets, the sanitation is done through 4 ultraviolet lights inside a reflective surface that’s unseen by the user. Germs and viruses hate this wavelength of light because frankly it kills them. And since the UV has no debilitating effect on objects or electronics, how cool is that?

You do get a blue LED lit up when it’s done, so there’s that. 15 minutes is all it takes, but to juice enough power to do this requires being plugged into a wall outlet via a USB wall plug. So yeah, it’s not portable in the sense that you can take it camping in the wilderness, but plenty portable in that you can take it with you to someone else’s home or even a trade show, should you choose (and decide to wear a backpack since it is larger than a tablet obviously). The point is that it’s eminently usable and not confined totally to tablet duty.

Since it makes sense to be able to charge the tablet while it’s getting tanned, there’s a pass through for connecting a USB cable to the PhoneSoap XL which then travels inside and can attach to the tablet. Being agnostic, the type of USB cable used is the one needed for the particular tablet (i.e., a Lighting connector or 30 pin for an iPad or a micro-USB for an Android). And because it would be just plain stupid otherwise, it’s a 2.4 amp USB port, which means it’s got the power to charge up a tablet.

The PhoneSoap XL is designed to be a regular part of your tablet’s maintenance schedule. It’s no big deal to do. But it could be a big deal when it comes to your health, especially over time. That certainly sounds worth the $119.95 retail.

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