How to Really Enjoy Your Beautiful Fireplace This Coming Winter

Fireplaces, what would we do without them? As people out there who have one, certainly know, the warmth, sight and feel of a fireplace is what makes any home that much more cosy and enjoyable throughout the colder season. But, how can we make the fireplace experience even better?

Beautiful Fireplace

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By simply using good old common sense, it is possible to cut back on firewood usage by around 30 percent and still keep a lovely warm home on those cold winter nights.

Read Below to Wise up on making that Fire Even More Satisfying

Preparation of Wood
Ensure that any firewood is dried correctly, because wet or damp wood can and will generate large amounts of smoke and waste fuel.

Try to Buy Wood Locally
Help out locally and purchase your firewood from a nearby distributor in your locale and make sure that it’s properly dried and seasoned.

Fire Starting – Learn before You Burn!
Fire making should be easy, but there is a method to creating a stronger-burning fire that will provide more warmth with less wood.

Here’s how to do it just right:

  1. To begin, start a small fire with dry kindling and then some small pieces of wood. Provide the fire with planet of air by fully opening the air controls until it is ablaze.
  2. Let the fire warm the chimney or flue before adding more wood.
  3. Maintain space between the firewood when adding more, and keep a lovely bright, hot fire – don’t let it smoulder.
  4. To keep the proper airflow, regularly take out the ashes from your fireplace. Don’t ever burn any kind of rubbish, cardboard, treated wood or plastic as these will all damage your lovely fireplace and create serious health issues.

Circulating the Warm Air
As most of you natural English limestone fireplace-users are well aware, the beautiful warmth generated from a fire normally stay in the area nearby your wood-burning device, rather than circulating efficiently throughout your home.

However, by way of a couple of simple steps, you can easily assist the hot air to spread more efficiently, and then happily discover a much cosier and more comfortable home.

  1. To shift any trapped hot air up near the ceiling, turn any ceiling fans on to anticlockwise direction on low speed. Standing fans can also be put to good use to assist in circulating hot air into other areas.
  2. In addition, upgrading the insulation in your home will improve comfort levels and prevent warm air from being wasted.

Take Good Care of Your Fireplace!
Ensure having a trustworthy chimney sweep yearly come to inspect your fireplace and chimney for any gaps, cracks or creosote build-up, as a wonderful clean chimney will provide you with the very best draft and prevent any risk of chimney fires.

And there you go! You’re well on the way now to making sure that your lovely home will be even cosier this winter!

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