What are the Reasons That People Gift Each Other Gold Promise Rings?

Gold Promise Rings are generally one person to another as a token for their love and devotion. These rings are not just any kind of jewelry anymore. They are known to people all over the world. However, only a few handful of people as a matter of fact know the true meanings of these rings. Generally, they are given as a token for the symbol of commitments and promises made by one person to another.However, popular saying is that couples gift these to each other, but they are in reality gifted by every kind of people to each other and for every kind of relationship. These rings are symbols of a love pure and untainted. Nonetheless, you might wonder what are the various reasons people gift each other rings and what kinds of rings they chose for the occasions.

Gold Promise Rings

What are reasons behind people gifting each other promise rings made up of gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals?

  • They are generally the signs of commitment in a relationship for couples who are in love for some time and wants to take their relationship forward.
  • They are given by men to their lady-love when they are ready to take the next big step along with her, but their budget doesn’t allow them to buy engagement rings.
  • They are given by best friends to each other as mark of their loyal bond and true friendship.
  • Also, people gift each other these rings when they really want to promise someone something important and want to make sure that they fulfill these promises. Generally, it is given by people to close family or friends only.

However, to avoid misunderstanding it is really necessary that before giving someone a ring representing promises and commitments, you tell them the exact reason which leads you to buy this ring.

Types of Promise rings!

Gold promise rings for girlfriend as pre-engagement rings
This is the most common type of rings given by men to their lovers to seal their bond. It is also an indication for future marriage that will happen at a later time. After the real engagement, this ring will be replaced by the engagement ring.

Gold promise rings for men as a symbol of abstinence or purity
From Hollywood celebrities to common men, purity rings are worn by those who want to abstain from certain things in life like drugs, alcohol, and sex before marriage and so on. Generally gold promise rings for him are worn by men as a promise that they won’t get involve in sexual encounters before they get married and sometimes men make this promise to their girlfriends as well.

The next time you go for buying a promise ring for your loved ones make sure you follow the particular type to buy. This will make your warm gesture more lovable. Your loved ones will be surprised and very happy when you will do this for them. So, make someone happy just buy buying for them one of this ring and make yourself happy as well in this process.

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