Recurring Theme in Haunting Shows



I’m a huge fan of ghost/haunting shows.  Probably because of my interest in the paranormal and things we can’t see, feel or understand (until of course we’re gone, and that’s another story all together). But I’ve noticed a recurrent theme that leads me to believe these stories are very unreal.  I mean, how could they be true when the exact same demographics keep showing up? 

I’ll use “A Haunting” as a good example; you have a family living in a haunted house and the story revolves around their experience in said house. First of all, the family represented is a newly married or living-together couple with children from either one parent or both.  Next, it’s usually the first house the blended family all lives in together.  The husband usually works out of town and is gone for days at a time, and the wife is a stay at home mother.  Typically, the “entity” starts attacking when the husband’s not around.  And the wife tells the husband all the weird things happening only after he comes home from working out of town.  Well, he never believes her or brushes it off as being an old creaky house, her imagination is running wild, or the kids are doing it.  Things escalate from there and eventually the entity starts playing tricks on the husband.  And it takes several different incidents of the spirit working his energy before the husband finally believes his wife.  Finally, the family seeks the help of a priest, uses a banishing or cleansing ritual, contacts a paranormal group, or requests an exorcism be performed.  And either the malevolent spirit leaves or it stays- that is the only aspect that does seem to vary. 

Next time you’re watching a haunting show, pay attention to the narrative.  I guarantee most of what I’ve described with unfold before you.  The only conclusion I can come up with as to why the recurring theme is that it makes the story the most interesting and to get the greatest number of ratings.  It’s like watching “The Dukes of Hazzard” all over again. 

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