Red Diamond Jewelry – Transforming you from Good to Glam

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Marilyn Monroe

There isn’t a single person on earth who wouldn’t like to be transformed into a diva, and red diamond jewelry does just that. It gives you a sizzling presence and elevates you to the limelight wherever you go. Diamonds, by the way, hold a very special place in a woman’s heart and wardrobe. And why not? After all, they can give you a spiced up, ravishing appearance in an instant. They are also a symbol of everlasting love and devotion. 

Diamonds can occur in almost all colors of the spectrum. One of the rarest and most glamorous of all the fancy colored stones is the red diamond (Know more). Found mostly in Africa, Australia, and Brazil, only twenty to thirty such stones are known to exist on earth. No doubt this makes them the most expensive of all colorful diamonds. 

The vivacious stone derives its radiant and dominant red color purely from carbon. They come with varied intensity and modified hues like purplish red and brownish red. The ravishing color also looks different in different lighting environments. 

The Folktale of Magnificent Red Diamond Stone

As per a popular legend, the first of the red diamonds belonged to Aurangzeb, the great Mughal Emperor. In 1657, when his father Shah Jahan fell ill, Aurangzeb defeated his brothers in the struggle for the throne and became the new ruler. Soon after Shah Jahan’s demise, his favorite blue diamond was handed over to Aurangzeb. However, as soon he touched it, the stone turned blood red and transformed into the red diamond

Red Diamond

Ramdlon / Pixabay

Red Diamond Jewelry for Special Occasions

From casual to couture, this spectacular and extraordinary jewelry can breathe life into any outfit and create a great focal point. It is the birthstone of April and a perfect gift for wedding anniversaries as it symbolizes true love and strength for a brilliant future together.

Make a distinctive style statement with this exquisite gemstone that will not only add a splash of color to your appearance but also underline your personality. Pick your favorite piece of jewelry from an array of a sparkling ring, earrings, pendant, or bracelet to compliment your outfits and make every moment special.

Rings – A spectacular ring will be one of the most cherished pieces in your jewelry collection. They are a fantastic choice to dress up any outfit because of their vibrant sparkle and luscious color. Accentuate your style by selecting any cocktail, cluster, or solitaire ring that will evoke the true essence of grace. 

Red Diamond Ring

Red Diamond Ring – Photo by Liquidation Channel [CC BY-SA 3.0] –

Red Diamond Ring

Red Diamond Ring – Photo by Liquidation Channel – [CC BY-SA 3.0] –

Necklaces – A neckpiece crafted with this sparkling stone would be truly unique and a pleasure to wear. The rich, regal luster of this remarkable stone in a necklace can transform anyone’s personality. From everyday styling to dressing up for any important event or occasion, uplift your style with radiant neckwear. 

Red Diamond Pendant with Necklace

Red Diamond Pendant with Necklace – Photo by Liquidation Channel [CC BY-SA 3.0] –

Red Diamond Necklace with Pendant

Red Diamond Necklace with Pendant – Photo by Liquidation Channel – [CC BY-SA 3.0] –

Earrings – Earrings made of this fabulous gemstone are a versatile piece of jewelry that will be a real head turner. They are a fantastic accent to any outfit. From beautiful stud earrings to classic hoops or lever back, they are a real eye-catcher and can be passed on as heirlooms to the next generation. 

Red Diamond Ring and Earrings Set

Red Diamond Ring and Earrings Set – Photo by Liquidation Channel – [CC BY-SA 3.0] –

Bracelet – Accentuate your femininity and style by wearing an exclusive bracelet studded with this magnificent gemstone. This stunning piece will never go out of style and gives a fashionable and striking presence to the wearer. It will add spark to your life and make you stand out at any gathering.

Red Diamond Bracelet

Red Diamond Bracelet – Photo by Liquidation Channel – [CC BY-SA 3.0] –

The extraordinary collection of this vibrant stone enchants as well as delights all those who look upon it. So pick this excellent stone for yourself that is a perfect blend of modern and majestic flair.

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