The Red Dress Series Released

The Red Dress 1I signed up for a challenge this month and it is a lofty one – write (and for me that includes publishing) a short story every day for the month of April.  That means 30 stories in 30 days.  They can be related or not but it’s always good if you write in a series. It gives people something to come back for.

So, one of the things I’ve been wanting to do is write under my own name.  I want something I can show people.  Until April, pretty much everything I have published has been under a pen name, except for some non-fiction stuff.  

It’s not exactly under my own name though – I’m using my childhood name and my maiden name: Dani Gibbings.

I had this idea brewing in my head for a couple weeks.  And toward the end of March it grew.  And by the last few days of the month, I knew I had to write it.

It’s a modern day fairy tale – sweet romance.  It’s the kind of thing that a lot of women still love.  

The Red Dress 2This series – The Red Dress series – is about a red dress (obviously) that is perfect for the woman who owns it at the time.  It fits perfectly, it suited for any occasion, and it makes her look great. Her eyes sparkle, her hair shines, and it fits her figure just the way it should (even if she gains or loses some weight!).  How awesome does that sound?

And there’s more.  When she wears The Red Dress, it attracts her soul mate – the man that she is supposed to be with.  In my family we call him “the one”.  At first, it is a quick meeting, but the more she wears the dress, the more she runs into him and the better the chances of developing a relationship.

The story takes place over three generations.  In the 1970s the reader meets Sandra. Then, in the 1990s the reader meets Tracy.  Finally, in the 2010s you get to meet Emily. Each woman is unique and has her own story but the red dress brings their stories together.

I actually submitted the first one late in the day on March 31st but it took over 24 hours to go live!  Amazon does things at its own pace sometimes. By the time it went live, the second part had already been submitted and was live shortly after that.

There are 15 parts altogether and they will all be published this month.



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