Regional Japanese Delicacies-Dining In Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan is a member of the Delice Network of ‘Good Food Cities of the World’ and has been an affiliate since June, 2008. The Delice Food Network was established for the purpose of promoting local delicacies and fine dining throughout the world .

People have different experiences when they are dining in Osaka. On a hot summer day, you may choose to go shopping after you have a meal with friends. There is certainly a lot to see if you are into fashion. However, some people do not want to head back into stores around Osaka at all. Instead, they prefer enjoying the natural beauty that is to be found there. That gives them an opportunity to relax.

Osaka Sushi

Japanese sushi is well-liked in many parts of the world. Sushi consists of white rice prepared with vinegar, and other ingredients which may be cooked or raw. There are diverse styles of sushi. Some of the ingredients which can be found in sushi served in Osaka are salmon, tuna, eggs, clams, eel and shrimp.


Regional Japanese Delicacies-Dining In Osaka, Japan

Regional Japanese Delicacies-Dining In Osaka, Japan


Namba and Crysta Nagahori in Osaka

Two areas in Japan which are famed for their gourmet dishes are the underground shopping center in Namba, Osaka and Crysta Nagahori in Osaka, Japan. Both areas are also well known as great places to shop, with the Crysta Nagahori offering 100 shops in a 730m long shopping area.

By and large, Japanese restaurants forbid tipping but meals at some restaurants do attract a surcharge, which is usually a standard fee regardless of the eventual price of the dishes consumed during that particular outing.


Drinking or dining in Osaka may take you to Dotombori. Apart from many eateries which serve local Japanese delicacies such as tofu, udon, takoyaki and okonomiyaki, prepared with spices such as garlic and leeks. Dotombori also features the famous EbisuBridge and TomboriPark.

Tombori Park is a trendy footpath which runs along the banks of the Dotombori River. Persons who like to enjoy more drinking with their eating will enjoy the Hozenji-Yokocho Alley. The Hozenji-Yokocho Alley is a stone-paved lane. The lane takes visitors past a moss-covered statue of Buddha-the Mizukake Fudo statue.

There are over 50 bars and conventional Japanese eateries to choose from on the Hozenji-Yokocho Alley. Conventional Japanese bars sometimes require that patrons remove their shoes.

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