Reinvent The Mobile Office With The Lifepack Backpack

Lifepack Backpack
More people have come to realize that a backpack works better for being mobile than a briefcase or satchel. But while having space to stow all kinds of electronic stuff as well as other stuff is good, it would be even more helpful if the backpack built in 21st Century features that make sense for being “on the go” today. So that’s why Solgaard Design made the Lifepack Backpack.

The Lifepack Backpack is definitely a backpack, one that you can wear on your back. But just looking at it shows its difference from others of the genre — it’s a multi-layer construction featuring polyester and polyurethane, anti-shock foam, an anti-cut plastic layer and an inner fabric layer. The zipper grabs are big and tough too. Plus there’s waterproofing and interior cushioning of its 4.8 lb weight so plopping it down onto a chair or the floor doesn’t negatively impact its contents. And the flat bottom means it stands on its own.

Taking a closer look reveals a number of unique features: one being a built-in rain cover that can be pulled out to cover the backpack and an integrated combination lock with enough cable length for putting around a non-movable object. You’d also expect there to be exterior pockets, so having a water bottle pocket and space for sunglasses/two side pockets doesn’t cause attention. But the Lifepack goes farther than that, because there are four pockets (or compartments if you prefer) blending into the back and the padded straps so as to be unobtrusive. That makes for less chances of somebody’s sticky fingers getting hold of your phone or other small valuables being taken along (like a wallet or credit cards or a passport, etc.).

There also appears to be a panel flap at the top with something in it? Yep, what’s there is a removable solar power bank. Actually it’s more than that because Bluetooth speakers are built into it as well. So the power bank big battery can recharge conventionally through USB or by go the absolute free route of using the embedded solar panel. And there’s enough juice to blare out sound for over 100 hours at a full charge (yeah, not 10 or 12 hours like some BT speakers boast). Of course charging a phone shares the power and changes the equation — but for those more concerned with phones, there’s the equivalent of 6 smartphone charges. The power bank features 2 USB outputs (1 high-speed and the other standard speed), but Solgaard Design also knows that there are times when a bottle opener is what you really want. So one is included (and just so happens to do double duty as one of the zippers). There’s a key holder too.

Opening it up, there’s a fair amount of storage space within the 12.4 x 6.9 x 19” dimensions, divided up into two sections called Lifezone and Workzone which should be self-explanatory as to what gets put into them (i.e., a tablet or 15” laptop or cables, versus socks and T-shirts, etc.). There’s even a space for holding receipts without having to crumble them up. So if the idea is to keep your work-life and life-life separated, then this backpack succeeds admirably.

The Lifepack Backpack comes in stealth black or titanium gray. Both retail for $269.00.

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