Blogging: Related Posts Widget For Your Blog

Do you use a Related Posts Widget for your blog, to engage blog visitors and redirect them or draw their attention to your previous blog posts?

Anybody who has been blogging for a while has learned that having a widget or plugin that pulls in more recommended posts for your visitor to read is practically an absolute necessity for survival in the blogosphere. Unless you’re one of the fortunate ones who has such a fabulous blog that as soon as a reader hits the landing page, he or she stays there for hours and hours just exploring posts and hanging on to your every written word. (It could happen!! In my dreams.)

After experimenting with different widgets, as of today have settled on two: ZEMANTA and ContentAd.

Regards the ZEMANTA plugin – this tool is awesome. This plugin is used to enhance the blog entries for my other blogs published using WordPress, Blogspot, and blogging platforms.  As you are writing your posts, the plugin starts searching for related or similar material published elsewhere around the web, based on what you’re writing about, and offers suggestions.  Just a click of a button and you can include these recommendations for Related Articles at the end of your posts, in case your readers want to delve further.  Nice touch huh?  Another thing is if you go into the dashboard for your Zemanta account you can customize where to find specific content by adding specific feeds where you would like to draw more content from.  Those posts will show up in the “My Sources” tab and you can pick and choose.

For “Express Yourself”, which is my Tumblr blog (linked to my DTC profile – see below), the ContentAd plugin is used. Realize that not everybody who has a blog can use this tool. Why? Because they have an approval process and if your blog does not past their test you won’t be allowed to install their widget. But once you do get approval, there are two different ways you can effectively make use of the plugin.

(1) To display related posts from your blog only.

(2) To display Sponsored Content from around the web.

You have to create two separate widgets in order to do this but it is not very hard to do and worth the extra effort.

For what it’s worth, passing on these blogging tips. Happy blogging!!! 🙂


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