Religion makes the basis of the life we live here. In Islam for example we learn there the way we should live our life. Daily cleanliness is observed and so is the spiritual which is coupled with fasting, sacrifice, offering and making a trip to Mecca for the holy journey or Jihad.

Christians also have a system where they do preach holiness and following the ways of Christ. That is why they are called Christians.

It therefore goes without say that religion is the way of life.

We therefore need a category on religion so as to express ourselves.

The mentioned religions are not the only ones we have in the world but there are many more that if I can enumerate them here there will be no space to put them in writing.

Perhaps the African Religious Heritage is one of the religions of the world. It also has practices which do keep people to tow the line in doing good. It is therefore very good to embrace religion.

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