Remain Confident on the Journey

It’s very important to have enough confidence to follow a dream, to put a vision to “action,” and to walk the journey. Not all will be pleased with persons who decide to follow their dreams there will  be a lot of criticism but do not allow the noisemakers to stop the flow. The words will surely pour out and perhaps the ones who are always being critical aren’t brave enough to try and elevate in someway. Oh no the journey won’t be an easy one. There will be a lot of trials but the travel is worth pursuing. 

Some are fearful because of the heckling which will occur. The envious will come out to try and discourage any person who is in pursuit. They’ll want to know every aspect of a person’s life perhaps so they can criticize. No amount of criticism should cause a disruption in a dream. Dreamers are allowed to dream and “visionaries” are allowed to visualize. Some may not understand the vision and not all should. 

It’s very unfortunate that so many try to discourage others from trying to get ahead perhaps because they’re afraid of being left behind. That’s why some choose to hide their vision until completed. God wants the gifts to shine so that others will see just how “God blesses.” No person should be ashamed to follow their dreams. There should be happiness when in pursuit. The desire to grow should be there. 

The doubters will doubt and that’s their decision to do so. The words which come out of people’s mouths can be like a poisonous snake but there should be some ways set to remove the negativity which will surely come. Be grateful that there are opportunities to “rise up.” Some may wish they had the opportunities in which so many are blessed with. 

For some the journey may seem quite long, especially when coming up against evil forces. Make the best of the travel. Never allow any person to remove the confidence. Yes, so many will try to do so, it’s better to just proceed than to dwell on the ones who aren’t in a position to offer any encouragement. It’s best to encourage self. Stay uplifted and believe that eventually “the journey” will end and the rewards will be supplied. 

There’s a lot who aren’t confident enough to even start. Some who aren’t sure as to how to start. Perhaps witnessing all of the negativity when others are trying to pursue a dream or vision lowers their confidence level. If there’s no thoughts of “determination” then there won’t be any drive to move ahead. Of course the chatter will continue whether a person decides to pursue their dreams or not. No matter who says what. Proceed anyway. Believe in self and know there will be rewards. The pain and suffering doesn’t occur for no reason. Blessings are awaiting so many. Be willing to receive the blessings. 

“Bravery is Needed to Pursue a Dream and to let the Vision Shine oh so Brightly.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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