Are You a Renaissance Man?

Can you identify a Renaissance man (or woman) if you saw one?

When one is referred to (fancies themselves) as a Renaissance man (or woman), it generally means that they have enough knowledge and understanding in a wide range of fields of study such that others might request their consultation.

renaissance man

Published an article over a year ago at and used the same title as the one chosen for this “two cents” posting. The Wizzle briefly mentions William Shakespeare, but only by way of contrast and comparison, to a couple of ordinary gangsters who believed the accolade was a most apt description of their KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities) which were reflected in their creative approach to their various enterprising endeavors.

The true purpose of the page was to highlight four men – Francesco Petrarch, Giovanni Boccaccio, Francois Rabelais, and Desiderius Erasmus – who are deemed by others to be Renaissance men, back in their day and even in our present times.

Had fun researching and writing this article. The comments left behind indicate the readers enjoyed reading it.

But my question to you is:

“Are you a Renaissance man (or woman)? If so, can you prove it?”

As it turns out, there were quite a few imposters. Evidently, identity theft was not invented in the 20th century.  What do you know?

Fox, Treathyl. “Are You a Renaissance Man?” Wizzley., 10 Aug. 2013.  ( ).

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Renaissance Impostors and Proofs of Identity


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