Doing Research To Find A Niche And Make More Money With Adsense


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In my previous article I talked about finding a niche to make more money with Adsense. I think this is a really important factor that you can’t ignore.  Whether you are writing on your own blog or writing on a residual income site like this one, you will find that the people who make the most money with Adsense earnings are the ones that consistently follow a niche.

When you’re considering a niche, it is important to remember that you have to like and be interested in what you are writing about.  That’s first and foremost. That’s why I asked you to do some brainstorming in the last article.

But not everything on that brainstorming list that you came up with is going to be profitable.  So you need to narrow it down.

Start by striking off anything that you don’t think you could be consistent with or you’re not willing to learn more about.

Now, you need to narrow it down some more.  You need to get it down to 3 or 4 niches that you can choose from.  And that’s going to require doing some research.

Know Your Audience – Do They Click on Ads?

You need to find a niche that is not completely saturated but has enough interest from readers online to bring in some fairly substantial traffic.  And that traffic has to be people that are likely to actually click on ads.  If they don’t click on your ads, you don’t make much money (if any).

So, first, consider who would be the audience for the niches you have left.

Take a minute to write a brief bio of the audience that you think you would be writing for on each niche.  How old are they? What kind of education do they have? Do they have children? What is their income like? Are they buyers or savers? What kinds of hobbies do they have?  

Knowing your audience is important because some audiences are more likely to click on ads than others.  Take a look at a portion of this infographic from HubSpot (click on the image to see the entire graphic):

hubspot who is clicking

(Image via HubSpot)

Does the audiences for any of your niches fit into one of these demographics? Then those niches might be worth considering as your specialty.

Another important factor to consider is where your audience lives.  If you main audience is in Canada or the US then you are likely to earn more money from clicks on your ads.  If your audience is from other countries, the earnings will decrease according to where they are from.

Finally, you should consider your audiences technical expertise.  If your audience knows a lot about the Internet and how ads work, they have likely become blind to ads or they might even have an ad blocker and not see your ads at all.  It is better to have an audience that knows less about ads and how they work – this may be why seniors click on more ads.

Use the Google Keywords Tool

Finally, you should spend some time on the Google Keywords Tool to find out what people are paying for ads in your niche. They more they are paying, they more you will get paid per click.  

Here’s a screen capture of some of the results that I got from Google Keywords Tool when I was doing random research:

google keywords tool

Notice the Suggested Bid column.  These are just suggestions of what advertisers might pay per click for an ad but it gives you a very general idea of what what they are paying.  The more they are paying, the more you are earning.  So, if insurance was one of the niches that you were considering, you can see from the last entry that writing about winter insurance/sports insurance or a combination of both might make ads appear on your posts that could potentially earn a lot of money for each click.  

When you do your research with the Google Keywords Tool, you’ll want to start off general and then get more specific.  

These are just a few of the things that you can do to get a better idea of what kind of niche would potentially earn more money with Adsense.


Narrow your list down to 3-5 topics.

Write a bio of each audience.

Do some research using the Google Keywords Tool.

Pick the two best potential niches – best audience and best earning potential.  

I’ll be back with more insight on how you can make more money with Adsense!

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