Resigning from Job?

Many people are thinking of resigning from their present job for various reasons.  One reason maybe problem with the work itself.  It will come to a point that you will feel burnt out or you already explored all the areas of your work that you want something new.  To try other company or work functions, it is like what you called a career growth.

Other reasons maybe about location, if you will be assigned or transferred to another work location and you do not want to be relocated.  Other reasons are health related, or might be the reason of discouragement about the company or influenced by a fellow negative employee.


A change in workplace is a major decision that should be thought about seriously.  Check your reasons if it is valid or you just need to take some off.   Before making a decision, evaluate yourself and your plan.  If you have a family to support, better think twice before resigning. Make sure that you are financially stable or you have a new job before resigning.




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