The Resistance can be a Pain

When we’re trying to accomplish something there may be a lot of resistance. A lot of bull headed people. They want it their way. So there’s the old tug of war. We may find ourselves trying to climb and some could be trying to prevent it. There’s continuous competition in all arenas. Some will be extreme competitors. Some may never get tired of competiting. It’s in their nature. We have to find a way to excel even when things seem tough. 

Yes some will try to use intimidation tactis in order to prevent a climb but the journey isn’t easy. There could be competition between similarities. We may become a bit annoyed with the so called battle. The backand fourth and so on. That’s why we must take breaks from the madness but refuse to give up. No one can please everyone and so many wear themselves out trying to please too many people. Unfortunately so many could care less if others wear down. They just want to compete. 

The days are filled with trying to keep others from getting ahead. So unfortunate and of course some competition is healthy but when the competitiveness gets out of hand. There’s a problem. Some spend their lives competiting and refuse to focus on anything else. There’s fight after fight between one group and another. No one really knows when the competitiveness will die down. 

Some will bully their competition in hopes that they’ll stop doing whatever their doing. No one should give up on their dreams. Too many people do so because of the intimidation. If we just stay confident then we’ll be able to overcome any obstacles that will surely arise on the journey. The extremes can be minimized by finding solitude. Avoid over working and remember that we’re unable to control all situations. 

If we focus on what the competitors want then we’ll miss many marks. We win’t accomplish very much if we’re in tuned with what others think about trying to “elevate.” The crab mentality has been around a long time and isn’t going anywhere. Even if we find that setbacks make their way in. We should regroup and get back on track. Find positive ways to chanel the feelings that come along with dealing with the difficulties. 

Of course we would rather not deal with certain situations. Having to deal with difficult people is quite a challenge. Some refuse to give up on competiting so their actions can be quite annoying but we have to “keep moving.” Don’t stop being passionate about a dream because others are in disagreement. There’s a reason for everything and if we keep going then we’ll make it there. Meaning anyone trying to live their dreams. 

Here’s a Post About Dealing With Competitiveness When Trying to Live the Dream

“Excel, Soar, Just Keep Going.” Tanikka Paulk 

Never Give up on Dreams Due to Intimidation

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