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Several years ago I bought two Ashley Antigo slate tile tables. I’m posting a review since I’ve had plenty of time to evaluate my living room furniture. I love the look of natural stone and wrought iron. It’s considered contemporary, but it’s also rustic and natural. They coordinate beautifully with my deep blue microfiber sofa and loveseat. Although I’ve had them since 2008, I’m not bored with their appearance. They’re just as stylish as they were on the day they were purchased. Consider my experience, and decide if they would be right for your needs. 

Style and Appearance

What I love the most about my Ashley Antigo slate tile tables is their style, functionality, and appearance. I was immediately drawn to the Ashley Antigo Signature Design because of the earthen tones of the natural slate and the style of the framework. The colors are neutral and coordinate well with any upholstered furnishings and wall colors. I’ve always loved the look of wrought iron furniture. The sleek design is ideal for a traditional, rustic, or contemporary room. They’ve very versatile tables in appearance and functionality. They offer open storage space on top and on the grilled shelf below. I’ve openly stored stacks of books, and I’ve used lined basketry to store smaller items. They beautifully compliment the style of my living room. 

Signature Design by Ashley Contemporary Slated Square Living Room End TableSignature Design by Ashley Contemporary Slated Square Living Room End Table


Details and Features

  • Durable epoxy gunmetal finish
  • Sturdy wrought iron frame
  • Dimensions are 27.2″ x 27.2″ x 10.5″
  • Weighs 41.8 lbs
  • Grilled metal shelf
  • Super simple assembly
  • All tools, hardware, and instructions are included

Care and Cleaning

What I love about slate tile living room furniture is the ease of care. They’re extremely easy to clean, and they’re ideal for people that don’t like to dust. Unlike wood, dust doesn’t show. It doesn’t seem to be attracted to the stone. They never become dusty. However, the wrought iron legs require minimal cleaning. I dust them on a weekly basis, but it’s very easy with a long-handled Swifter duster. I must admit that I rarely clean the tabletops. When I do, I remove each tile and clean the framework with a damp cloth. The framework does collect dust and crumbs, but it’s no big deal. I’ve gone a very long time without wiping them down, but no one would know the difference. 

Durability of Ashley Antigo Slate Tile Tables

Another one of the pros is durability. Although the tiles can crack, they’re extremely sturdy. Unlike wood they resist scratches and dings. Even if they did end up scratched or dinged the marks wouldn’t be apparent. The natural pits and subtle lines camouflage imperfections. They’re one of the most durable end tables for people with kids and pets. Although I’ve moved four times in the past several years, the tiles are still in great condition.

Ashley Offers Additional Antigo Signature Design Tables

I also have the Ashley Signature Design Antigo sofa table and coffee table. I bought the sofa model about two years after buying the end tables, and they’re a perfect match. I didn’t position it behind the sofa as the name implies. At one point I had it in my foyer. It was the perfect drop zone for keys and miscellaneous items. It looked phenomenal too. I added a small tabletop nightlight, a crystal heart-shaped candy dish and a vase of faux blooms. 

When I moved to a smaller home, I defined the foyer with the table. It was a much smaller space than the formal foyer in my previous home, but it worked. It separated the small entryway from the living room. It was then that I realized how it could be used in other stylish and practical ways. It would also make a fantastic TV stand or buffet. It provides plenty of room for a satellite or cable television receiver and a DVD player. It could be used as a serving table when entertaining guests. Just like the matching side tables above, it also has a grilled metal shelf that can be used to hold books, decorative baskets and more. 

Signature Design by Ashley Antigo Sofa TableSignature Design by Ashley Antigo Sofa Table



My Assessment and Recommendation

In my review of Ashley Antigo slate tile tables, on a scale from one to five stars, I’m awarding them 4.5 stars. I took off half of a star because of the spaces between the tiles and the frames that collect dust and crumbs. Otherwise, they look fantastic and function beautifully. Like I said, they’re highly versatile in purpose, color, and style. Although I’ve had mine for several years, I still love them as much as ever. I haven’t become bored with the look because they’re timeless in every way. They’re easy to update with eye-catching accessories when it’s time for a change. I highly recommend them to anyone considering natural slate living room tables.

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