Review: iPhone 6 plus, Note 4 and Nexus 6

Today, I was tasked to research on customers’ feedback on iPhone 6 plus, note 4 and nexus 6. The task includes comparing these three great gadgets from the giants companies: Apple, Samsung and Google. Merely looking at these three products, one may compare them according to their physical features. Most users these days mind the size of the screen. Does it really matter if the difference is just a matter of .2 inches? Well, I suppose that some users treat this as an important feature. Many prefer a wider screen. Wider screen but sleeker seem to be a common preference.

How about the overall look of these devices? iPhone 6 plus for me looks stunningly pretty with its ergonomic design.

The iPhone 6 Plus stands out with its flat, ergonomic design in an aluminum chassis. I like the gold color. It looks elegant. The silver iPhone 6 plus looks formal and amazing but the gold for me looks classic. I like its classic touch in terms of its color.

Differences in processor, memory and operating system, it is best to check on the product description. Check is here   You will note that Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have quad-core processor while iPhone 6 features a dual core.


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