Review: Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas
John Grisham
Doubleday/Random House
Hardcover or Kindle

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A Novel by John Grisham  
Skipping Christmas is quite a departure from John Grisham’s niche of the legal and judicial system. For some reason, I thought it was going to be a dark comedy. It isn’t dark, it’s just plain crazy. Mr. Grisham has taken absurdity to it’s highest level.

The Decision to Skip Christmas

Luther and Nora Krank’s daughter Blair has gone to Peru with the Peace Corps for a year, leaving shortly after Thanksgiving. Luther sees this as an opportunity to skip Christmas altogether and he and Nora can take that well deserved Caribbean cruise, and save a lot of money! It took a lot of convincing to get Nora to agree to this but she finally came around, sort of. Nora wanted to have Christmas at home the way they always did. Luther's argument was that Christmas wouldn't be the same at home without Blair anyway, so why not just get out of town.

Putting Their Plan Into Action

There will be no decorations inside or outside, no tree, no presents and no big Christmas Eve bash that they host every year. They are being chastised by neighbors for not putting up the matching decorations on the outside of the house to coincide with all the other houses on the block. Luther is being ridiculed and at the same time envied by his co-workers. Nora heard the whispers in town by shopkeepers and acquaintances. Luther and Nora even went on a diet and signed up for tanning booth sessions in preparation for their cruise. The Caribbean cruise was getting closer, they just had to tolerate the neighbors pestering a little bit longer.

Disaster Strikes!

Then it happened! It’s only been a month since Blair has been away when she called on Christmas Eve day to say she is in the United States and will be coming home for Christmas. With her fiance whom she met in Peru. Blair wants Enrique to experience a traditional Christmas. Just like the one the Kranks have every year.

Blair is coming home. Her absence was the only reason the Krank's were Skipping Christmas and going on a cruise. She was supposed to be gone for a year. What a dilemma. Of course she expects Luther and Nora to pick her and Enrique up at the airport.

Should Luther and Nora tell Blair the truth? Should they tell her that they’re Skipping Christmas this year and that they haven't done any Christmas gift shopping or party planning and are going away? Or should they lie and tell her that the decorations are up outside, the tree is up and lots of people are coming to the party tonight, while they scramble to make it all happen?

Well, what do you suppose Luther and Nora told Blair? This book is quite predictable, but you can read the book to find out what they decided to tell Blair.

Skipping Christmas is hilarious! I have the hardcover but it's available in Kindle. If this story sounds familiar to you but you haven't read the book, you might have seen the movie...Christmas With The Kranks.

photo by: Candy-Dor

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