The Rewards of Having a Diet Cheat Day

We love food but we hate the results of overeating. To solve this, we find an exercise and diet program that works for own body and one that suits our lifestyle. 

Although I don’t strictly count my calorie intake I limit my food serving to a minimum. I eat a full breakfast and a hearty lunch, but my dinner intake only consists of fresh fruits or smoothies. Undeniably, this practice has positive effects on my figure; however, seeing the very tempting food photos on Pinterest can make me feel sad, knowing that I have to avoid them for the sake of a looking good in front of the mirror.  

Thanks to the cheat day. It gives me something to look forward to. It keeps me sane and I don’t feel deprived knowing that one day in a week, I can eat whatever I want. 

Taiwanese style vegetarian buffet. Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwanese style vegetarian buffet. Taipei, Taiwan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some have debated on the physiological effects of practicing the diet cheat day. For me, it’s more of an emotional thing. During these days, I get to appreciate food on a different level. Buffet restaurants are perfect for these diet cheat days.




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