Rich at Heart Means a lot

A lot of people believe that being wealthy is the most important thing in the world. Not so. God looks at the heart of mankind. It’s the heart which tells love stories and is giving. Being rich at heart is filled with compassion. “A Rich man Will Have a Difficult Time Getting Into Heaven.” Meaning a lot of rich people are so in tuned with their wealth and not with eternal life. The need to feel on top of the world and to feel superior to others are what so many desire. 

There’s more than money and of course money is needed to survive but money isn’t everything. Some are quite comfortable with not being wealthy. It’s like the phrase a rapper supplied which says, “More Money More Problems.” Biggie Smalls. Of course the problems will differ from poor people’s problems but they’re still problems. A lot of wealthy people look down on the less fortunate. Some people who are considered poor may not consider themselves as being poor because of their mentality. 

A lot of rich people will show off their things but aren’t considering long term. None of processions are allowed into Heaven. Money certainly can’t buy a person’s way into Heaven. The heart is worth more than gold. “A good heart will give even in difficult times.” A person with a good heart will give when there’s very little so all the big shots who continue to harass others about being poor are ignorant because they may not make it into Heaven. 

There’s a lot of less fortunate people who give more than the rich. Money doesn’t mean a thing if there’s selfishness involved. Holding on to the money and looking down on others. “There’s a lot of happy poor people” and a lot of miserable rich people. If they’re constantly taunting the ones who have less than they’re certainly displaying how ignorant they are. Imagine trying to hand God a stack of money to get into Heaven. Not a chance. 

It’s the givers who God looks at and blesses. Some think that money is the only blessings received. What can money buy? A lot but one thing money can’t buy and that’s a ticket into Heaven. “All the money in the world won’t purchase a position into Heaven.” Some aren’t filled with a good heart in fact there’s a lot of heartless people. So grumpy and hateful. There’s a lot of people who prefer not to be rich because of all the problems which come along with having lots of wealth. 

Yes. having not to worry about paying bills is wonderful, but more wealth can also cause a decline. Depends on how the wealthy are treating others. They’re actions will determine just where they stand. Some who have 5 dollars will give 3 of their dollars to a person who is hungry . “The Heart.” There’s some so mean and spiteful and although they have wealth. They’re not truly happy if they were they wouldn’t harass others. 

“A Good Heat and a Giving Heart is Better Than Riches” BY: Tanikka Paulk

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