Drink From The Right Cup

The Right Cup
Staying hydrated means drinking water, but too often it’s diluted with flavoring and all kinds of chemicals to make it taste “good.” A better solution would be to get away from doing all that and just drink water on its own. But since it’s tasteless, the odds of doing that regularly aren’t good. But what if there was a way to “fool” the brain into thinking it was drinking store-bought flavored water? That’s the smart idea behind The Right Cup.

The Right Cup looks like a plastic cup that’s able to hold about 11 ounces of water. It had better be BPA-free, so it is, but it looks different than other cups in that it has a wide mouth and there appears to be a colored insert showing through (but it’s actually infused into the cup and not a coating). This is what’s key to making The Right Cup function. Raising the cup to your mouth causes a smell to waft forth — for example, the scent of orange – along with a taste sensation even as your eyes see the color as you drink. Your brain has been fooled into thinking that the water has been highly flavored, but it’s not. But since you think that it is, you’ll be drinking, and enjoying, more water drunk out of the cup. And you won’t be spending $$ on buying flavored waters and having to worry about recycling bottles and to not having one just when you need it, etc.

The Right Cup’s experience increases over time as the brain learns to expect this to happen when you drink. This means that the “flavor” effect increases over time. For those doubting that there’s anything going on, just leave The Right Cup stored face down for a bit (as is the normal way to store it when dry), then raise it and sniff.

The Right Cup needs to be hand washed and contains food grade ingredients. It lasts for 6 months of use and there are a variety of “flavors” available: Orange, Mixed Berry, Apple, Peach, Cola and Grapes. A single cup is $29.99, with a group of 4 cups retailing for $109.95.

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